Guarantee Policy


At Esdent Dental Centre, we stand behind the quality of our dental procedures with confidence and assurance. The following guarantee terms and conditions outline the durations of our guarantees for various dental treatments, emphasizing our commitment to patient satisfaction and long-term oral health. It is our endeavor to provide clarity and transparency regarding our guarantee policies, ensuring that our patients are informed and supported throughout their treatment journey. Please review the terms and conditions outlined below to familiarize yourself with the scope and limitations of our guarantee in the event of potential future complications:

-Our treatment guarantee explicitly applies solely to procedures conducted within our facilities. It is imperative to
emphasize that in the event of potential complications, we do not extend coverage to treatment expenses incurred at other dental practices.

-As we provide dental care, please note that we do not offer refunds for treatments that have already been completed. In
the event of any complications, we are committed to finding an alternative solution or replacing the procedure if feasible. It
is important to be aware that additional fees may apply in cases where lab work is required, and the details of these
excess fees are outlined below for your reference.

-While our standard practice includes offering accommodation and VIP transfers to patients undergoing comprehensive
package procedures, it is important to note that for visits associated with re-treatments falling within the scope of our
guarantee, the responsibility for covering expenses related to accommodation, transfers, and other travel-related costs
rests with the patient. Regrettably, we do not extend coverage to these expenses for re-treatment visits. We do, however, extend the privilege to our patients of securing accommodations at advantageous rates through our esteemed partner

-For the procedures that require lab work (prostheses, crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, endocrowns) and replaced under
guarantee, such as re-manufacturing of a dental bridge, there is an excess fee for material and lab expenses, calculated
according to the date of replacement treatment. For your reference, the excess fee’s for 2024 are;

  • PFM Crown/Bridge: £20 Per Unit
  • Zirconia Crowns/Bridge: £25 Per Unit
  • Emax Veneers/Crowns: £40 Per Unit
  • Composite Veneers/Bonding: £20 Per Unit
  • Implant Replacement: 10% of the implant treatment fee payable on the day of the implant replacement surgery.

The list below outlines the respective guarantee durations for our dental procedures:

Dental Implants: 10 years
Bone Grafts: N/A
Veneers (Porcelain) / Crowns / Bridge: 6 years
Composite Veneers / Fillings: 2 years
Root Canal Treatments: 3 years

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