Holiday & VIP Services

HOTEL & VIP Servıces
As Esdent Dental Centre, our highest priority is to maintain our well-built reputation by providing only the top-level services. We make sure that our patients have a lovely stay by accommodating them in the best hotels of the city where they can enjoy a delicious breakfast, a roof-top bar, SPA and an awesome view of the city.
We experienced that most of our dental patients prefer to come with a friend for some company, which is absolutely normal considering you’re travelling to a country for dental care. Therefore, our patients are more than welcome to bring a companion at no extra cost.

Helpline with patient coordinators during your stay.

Stay free at a budget hotel or upgrade to 5* hotels at the best rates.

VIP transfers between airport, hotel and clinic.

Highly affordable tours and activities (Historical Tours, Winter Sports, Sightseeing)

Tours and activities
Interesting tours and sports activities at highly affordable costs. Subject to availability.
Historical beauty of east turkey

Do you enjoy cultural tours? Then you will love a trip to the remnants of oldest civilisations!

Sports & Outdoor

There is more to do than relaxing at the swimming pool of your beautiful hotel. Ski/Snowboarding, Rafting, ATV are some of the activities that our international patients attend on their spare time.

Beautiful Nature

Are you into landscape photography? You will find a lot of opportunities to take some great nature photos in a short tour organised by our clinic in your free days.

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