Benefits of Travelling to Turkey for Dental Implants

Last Updated on 2 July 2020 by Esdent

Can you really save thousands by travelling to Turkey for Dental Implants?

Since you are reading this article, you probably already know that Turkey is a popular destination for dental implant treatments. There are a couple of points to consider when planning a dental holiday for dental implants in Turkey; treatment duration, flight tickets, accommodation, airport, hotel, clinic transfers and more. In this article we will explain these expenses for you. But, can you really reduce your treatment expenses by having dental implants in Turkey after adding the costs of flight tickets and hotel?
Well, our answer would be YES.


Benefits of dental implants in Turkey

Why are Dental Implants more affordable in Dental Clinics in Turkey?

Dental Implant Treatments in Turkey are much cheaper than in the UK. There are various reasons behind this. First of all, Dental Implants are very popular and in high demand in Turkey. Instead of having temporary and uncomfortable denture solutions for missing teeth, people opt in for dental implant supported fixed prosthetics option which we expect to last for many many years. Because of this demand, dentists buy dental implants in bulk for cheaper. Therefore, dental implant costs in Turkey are quite cheaper than many other countries.

Another reason for this is the low legal costs. Dental Indemnity insurance in Turkey is much cheaper than in the Europe and the UK. The reflection of these low legal costs are clearly visible on the fees for Dental Implants in Turkey.

Travel Expenses for Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental implant procedures ideally require 2 visits to Turkey. If booked in advance, flights tickets to Turkey can be found as cheap as £230 for return flights. Moreover, in Esdent Dental Centre Turkey, we provide free 5 star accommodation and private car transfers at no extra cost. Therefore, 2 return flights priced at £230 to £330 will cost a total of £500 to £650 and that’s it, you don’t have any expenses to think about other than your flight tickets.

Dentist Experience/Price Efficiency in Turkey

Dentists in Turkey are quite experienced in Dental Implants field. Most of the general practitioner dentists perform implant surgeries regularly with a high success rate. Also, dental Implant manufacturers are in a big competition in Turkey and they take dentists to courses, symposiums and live surgery presentations for free quite often to get them use their brand. As a result of this, dentists in Turkey have gained a lot of experience in the Dental Implant field. Overall, dentists in Turkey have more than 96% success rate on Dental Implant procedures in their 5 year follow up. Considering the experience of dentists and the quality of work, dental implants priced between £400 and £900 can save you a small fortune.

On average, a dental implant treatment plan priced at £30,000.00 in the UK can be completed for as low as £7,500.00 including travel expenses. It will not be wrong to expect a 60% to 75% cheaper quotation from dental clinics in Turkey.

Dental implant treatment in Turkey

Which Dental Implant Brands Can Be Found in Dental Clinics in Turkey?

Since Dental Implants are so commonly used in Turkey, reputable and high quality Dental Implant companies have targeted Turkey as a destination for selling their products. Most reputable Dental Implant brands originating from any part of the world are regularly used in Turkish dental clinics. If you have made your own research and you are looking for a certain brand, you can ask your dentist before travelling to the clinic about the availability of the implant brand.

We recommend patients to have a detailed research on the experience of the dentist and the clinic that they are think about travelling, as well as a request for detailed information about the procedure and the availability of aftercare.

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